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America's choice in Gun Safes find the Gun Safe you like and buy online or call (877)311-1776 We are always here for you! 

(PGSC) Patriot Gun Safe Company Sells Gun Safes, Used Gun Safes and Vault Doors. We are headquartered in Garden Grove, California (to which we believe to be The Gun Safe Capital of the world). PGSC ships our Gun Safes to EVERY single State and city in the U.S.A and North America and have Gun Safe Reviews from close to every city in North America.  Our goal is allow you to protect your family from gun accidents as well as protect your weapons from fire and theft. We have worked for many years building this brand and it's continued success and growth fueled by hard work an innovation has been a winning recipe. Gun Safe Shipping is 100% free to your curb and we cover the Gun Safe Sales Tax as well as include all the options free of extra charges.  Please consider our Patriot Gun Safes they are well respected gun safes and considered premium within the lower price range! Call PGSC with questions in regard to Gun Safes or easy order online today. 
The Closet Model Gun Safe 2HLEO is a "BEAST" buy one for a friend while you can you will never see this price again.  This style of quality gun safe for $1576 shipped with this heavy weight at the state this gun safe SOLD OUT. These make a great gift for graduations and retirements no better place to store your HENRY Riflesô or other Weaponry protect the grand kids while protecting your families herritage.  When we have these special sales our inventory can get back ordered on some models please enquire within for availability and free shipping details. (Free Shipping on a 1000lb Gun Safe is almost a miracle.)
Gun safes of all types found here.
We have safes for everyone and every budget take the liberty to give us a call.  Largest gun safe selection around these baby's are built like a civil war cannon just not quite as loud.


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We have the gun safe you have been looking for. From our American Warrior Safes to our Patriot Gun Safes we think you can find a safe that fits you at a price you can afford on terms that you choose. Please tell us what you are looking for and we will get back to you with an instant quote in 30 minutes or less or we will credit your purchase $100.00 Try us!

Calling all Sportsman, Military & Services, Law Enforcment and L.E.O and Gun Owners looking for somewhere to store your guns, weapons and firearms safely...
Whoís got the best bang for the buck on premium gun containment?


Patriot Gun Safes - bringing home the bacon on quality vs. price! 

There's a few schools of thought when it comes to the question of who supplies the best quality Gun Safes in the United States?  Many would say the only vault that would do should be built very heavily with lotís of steel, rebar and concrete, so heavy it would take a crane to move.  Others say the best gun safe is one you can move around easily when traveling with the military it's not like you can carry around the Untied States Treasury or Fort Knox.  There are many many ways people would like to use their gun safes that they acquire from Patriot Gun Safes so itís important for us to know how you will be storing your gun safe over time?  Will you want to move it frequently?  What are the moisture levels/ humidity?  Do you have mobility constraints? Call us if you would like to explore what safe is best going to fit your needs.  Just like with a gun cleaning kit you donít use a .22 kit on a .308.   For every job there is a proper tool.  Our Patriot Gun Safes brand of safe is built to the  specifications that make this gun safe one of the best if not the very best in itís price range.  You look around for a gun safe and you find hundreds of safe options, prices, availabilities/delivery options or lack there of and selection then you find Patriot Gun Safes!  We are the solution. We have Large Gun Safes, Small Gun Safes, Used Gun Safes, Military Gun Safes, Police Gun Safes, Office Gun Safes, Home Gun Safes and all the very best up to date gun safe technology. We make it easy to own a fine tactical gun containment unit...every gun deserves a nice Gun Safe!
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"Official" Patriot Safe Co. T-Shirt
"Official" Patriot Safe Co. T-Shirt
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Hand Gun Rack LARGE
Hand Gun Rack LARGE
Your Price: $29.99
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Barrel Key
Barrel Key
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"Mini-Drop" 8x6 Deposit Safe Scratch & Dented
"Mini-Drop" 8x6 Deposit Safe Scratch & Dented
Your Price: $250.00
Biometric Authentication Safe - Extra Large
Biometric Authentication Safe - Extra Large
Your Price: $349.00
On sale: $299.00 On Sale
"Secure-Drop" Deposit Safe Scratch & Dented
"Secure-Drop" Deposit Safe Scratch & Dented
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On sale: $599.00 On Sale


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