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IMPORTANT!...Know what you are buying!

We understand that some people just want to protect thier children and don't require a huge thick gun safe with tons of fire protection.

We have a safe for everyone and every budget!

What is the difference between a "Novelty Gun Safes" and a "Commercial Style Gun Safes?"

Most gun safe manufacturers use only low cost gypsum board for your "fire protection". We are talking about most of the popular security gun safes sold in gun stores, large chain stores or bulk savings stores. 1800 Pyro-Barrier fire protection gives you twice the fire protection ever offered before. Most companies offer 1200 for 30 min. A standard house fire burns at 1100 for 27 min. That is not much in the way of protection. 1800 Pyro-Barrier plus U.L listed x-type fire rated fire board in "combination" give you an hour, up to 90 or 120 minutes of extreme fire protection, depending on which level of fire protection fits your needs.

When choosing between low cost gypsum board or 1800 Pyro-Barrier fire protection which would you choose?

A dealers job is to market and sell safes at huge mark-up because there is not much profit on new gun sales. Accessories including gun safes have inflated and unjustified mark-ups in gun stores. Factory direct saves you hundreds of dollars.

Would you like the factory's good deal or the middleman's?

These same "safes", if you can call them "safes", are constructed from flimsy 12 gauge steel which is less than 1/8" of an inch thick. (that's the same as most filing cabinets!) I don't know about you, but I can't see myself sticking guns worth thousands of dollars in a 12 gauge filing cabinet. A combo lock does not mean "safe".I could see buying 12 gauge if you are just looking to protect the kids but don't think for 1 second those guns are safe from thieves or fire! A security cabinet is not a safe! When choosing between 12 gauge or 10 Gauge with Pyro-Block...

Which would you choose?

When it comes to gun safe interiors don't be talked into fuzzy residential carpeting. Fuzz and gun oil don't mix let me tell you. The truth is these companies are just making more money buy passing off remnant carpet as "high grade" interior.

Do you want fuzz, dust and moisture caught in you gun collection and other valuables?

A hinge on any door's first purpose is to swing the door. A lot of gun safe companies are trying to pass off internal hinges as better. The truth is their just cheaper to construct. They might look good but your door will only open 90 degrees instead of 180 degrees. The second thing is the door cannot be taken off for moving the safe. They tend to sag over the years not to mention they cut away the fire protection to house the internal hinge which depletes the fire rating.

Are internal hinges that good looking?

A big concern for us as a company has always been the depth of the safe in regards to the safety of our customers. Having a safe door built as heavy duty as a Patriot Safe warrants the need to have a safe dimension that is extra deep and that can safely support the weight of our massive door. If you are seeing a safe out there for sale that is shallow meaning less than 27'' deep you may want to look into the door construction. Cheap shallow safes may be cloaked as a standard size but the doors are built extra light duty so they don't fall forward. A word to the wise make sure your safe has a door that will stand up to the threats that may arise.

Do you want a shallow safe with a light duty door or an extra deep safe with a heavy duty door?

The thing that we would warn about most in the gun safe industry is the blatant disregard for security. A few companies have gone as far as to show the internal bolt work or giving a diagram of how the relockers work. In some cases even showing the actual relocker and the way its placed in the safe. To me this is the first sign of a company that cares more about the bottom line more than if your goods will always be safely protected.

Do you want to buy a safe that every crook in the world knows exactly how your keeping him out?

99.9 % of all security gun safe manufacturers will tell you that their product is the best in the industry, we will tell you that if it has at least 1-1/4" inch body construction, 2" inch door (5'' overall), Top, bottom, left and right locking bolts they might be right! 

When shopping for your safe remember that you will have it forever. Remember that what you pay for your safe is buying a lifetime of protection and peace of mind. Take your time, don't be rushed or pushed into what someone else thinks is right for you. Regardless of the great deal your being offered a serious purchase that you have to live with forever deserves a little thought and consideration.

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A percentage of every sale with the 2-Hour Fire "Law Enforcement" Package

will be donated to the fallen Officers Memorial in washington D.C. This is our honor.

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